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How To Play Online Poker With Cryptocurrency

The online poker world and cryptocurrency have merged perfectly. When data security and online fraud was at its peak the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology became the perfect savior.  Even though many find it odd many experts have stated that this was something that they expected.

There are a lot of poker rooms that has started to accept cryptocurrency. One of the very first poker rooms to accept cryptocurrency is CoinPoker. When it comes to using cryptocurrency for online poker, there is only one disadvantage to it. There are a lot of people who play online poker, but not everyone knows how to use cryptocurrency to play poker. To know more about crypto poker click here.

Play free with CoinPoker freerolls

It is not a hard task to start playing with CoinPoker. It is very simple. All you need to do is to download the software, sign up for an account and verify your account. Now you can start playing online poker by following simple procedures.

If you are a person who has no idea about playing poker, you can learn and get used to it by playing freerolls. Most of the poker sites offer a lot of freerolls running. By doing this, you will gain experience how to play the game and will have a clear picture of what should be done and what not should be done without losing any money. Even though the freerolls are not exactly the same as the ones that you need to pay money, they provide you with enough information to take things to the next level. The main difference is, of course, there is no money involved, and one more important aspect is that the competitions are not that serious. To put things in a simpler way, you will be mostly competing with amateurs. Don’t get your hopes high if you win against these people.

Buying CHP poker chips

The process of buying in for poker tournaments and cash games is done with CHP. If you are extremely good, there are chances that you might win some even in the freerolls. You can buy CHP and transfer it to your wallet. Even though the process is a bit complicated when compared to normal online poker it is worth doing it because of the security features involved in it.

Using the CHP poker chips

The procedure is very simple. Generally, in poker rooms, you will use the money that you have deposited. Instead of using the money you will use the CPS poker chips to play poker or other cash games.

Benefits of using cryptocurrency for online poker

Even though there are a lot of benefits of using cryptocurrency for playing online poker the first and the most important one is the security. The transactions of cryptocurrency are done through blockchain technology. Hence safety is the last things that you need to worry about. Some of the other advantages include low fees, fast transactions, bonus and promotions, value and privacy.

How Does the Stock Market Work?

There are interested shareholders who may want to buy several shares in your company, and you could do so to increase their position rather than getting a loan from the bank or short-term loans direct lender. The stock market is the place where companies of different sizes offer their shares or shares for sale to different clients.

At this time, individuals have their personal motives when it comes to buying stocks. When you have purchased shares in a particular business, they receive part of their cash flow called dividends. The more his equity stake, the greater the chance that he will gain more money from the company. What’s good about these dividends is that you can easily and quickly earn income and buy stocks at affordable prices.

In addition, there is another way to earn revenue through the stock market, by buying and selling it afterward. This tactic is called investment in capital gains. To understand it better, this tactic, along with the concepts of buying stocks at a really fair cost. As the stock increases, you can immediately sell it to other traders. However, there are many reasons why stock prices are rising and falling. The performance of the company and the way the market counteracts the changes are mainly the reasons for this change.

Patience is a key

It is essential to wait until there are as many factors in your favor as possible before positioning yourself on the market. You have to sit tight until the right opportunity arises. Patience is also important when it comes to capturing a winner. If you really want to make a lot of money, you have to stick to a successful stock until your objective analysis tells you that you need to stop trading. If you have the right kind of patience, you can achieve excellent stock market results. The best traders and investors in the world are just the right patient.

Be an independent

I can not stress enough how important it is to think and act independently of the masses. This includes listening to and receiving tips from most so-called market experts in the mass media. Responding to these tips is usually a disaster recipe. Always do your own research and analysis once you have developed the ability to do this successfully. The public is usually wrong when it’s most important to be right. Be your own person and think most of the time against the herd. Your stock market results depend on it.

Stay flexible

The markets are constantly changing. You are successful if you are able to recognize what the market is telling you. You must always listen to the market and adhere to the market flow. They just cannot be stiff and stubborn. This also applies to the main trend. If you quarrel with the market, you will lose. They want to have a flexible mind that is objective and impartial. Flexibility also includes detecting errors and quickly resolving the situation to minimize losses. Stay flexible in many ways and see how the stock market results thrive.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency experience

Every once and a while, a new phenomenon appears in our society, and it sometimes takes a while before we get used to it. We can only imagine how long it took our ancestors to accept the wheel or some similar invention, and the main reason for these “delays” in acceptance comes from one of the core human instincts – the fear of the unknown. Of course, this emotion can even be traced back to our fundamental survival instinct, but when it comes to modern things – let’s not be so dramatic. For instance, Bitcoin is a relatively new phenomenon in the global financial world, and people are still adjusting to it and gradually accepting the benefits that come from using this cryptocurrency.

What exactly is Bitcoin?

What exactly is Bitcoin?Cryptocurrencies are a new method of monetary exchange, and they are offering an alternative system to our traditional government-based methods of producing and regulating money. Several notable cryptocurrencies are nowadays used by people from all over the world, and you could pay for a lot of “ordinary” activities and services by one of these virtual currencies. The most prominent ones are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc., but Bitcoin is certainly the most popular and most widespread method.

Bitcoin was created in 2008, by a person (or group of individuals) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. He invented a Peer-To-Peer electronic cash system, and in the end – this resulted in a creation of an entirely decentralized digital system. What this means is that Bitcoins do not have a central authority, and everything about this cryptocurrency is established by a mutual consensus and interaction.

The Benefits Of Using Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, or Bitcoin, in particular, are offering several highly interesting and exciting benefits to its users. For example, Bitcoin is fast, and it is global, which means that transactions can be performed quickly and without any fees. Anonymity is another important characteristics of this system because clients can use Bitcoins to buy any merchandise without leaving any proof of their real-world identity. Unfortunately, this fact has already found its use in the black market and dark web locations, but the future will tell if this type of use of Cryptocurrencies can be eliminated and prevented.

The Use Of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new addition to our financial world, but it seems that this method is steadily growing in popularity and that more and more people are using virtual currencies as their preferred method of paying. However, the vast majority of ordinary citizens are not entirely aware of what exactly are cryptocurrencies, and therefore, they are demonstrating a completely natural fear of the unknown. But, the numbers of people who use these payment methods are growing by the day, and the value of cryptocurrencies is going up as well.

Basic Facts About Bitcoin

Even though there are several active cryptocurrencies in the current financial sky, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, or Ripple, most people think only of Bitcoin when someone mentions virtual currencies. The reason for this is hidden in the fact that Bitcoin is highly popular in the modern world, and this method has attracted millions of users. It was created in 2008, and Satoshi Nakamoto is responsible for the creation of this impressive and highly exciting monetary system.

Basic Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin runs on very simple principle, although the mechanics of this system can be complicated even to the most knowledgeable of experts. In other words, sophisticated algorithms and complex mathematical formulas are the keys to protection when it comes to personal funds, and Bitcoin works on a Peer-To-Peer method.

How to run Bitcoin

Bitcoin running is a relatively easy task, and you only need to have a computer or a smartphone. If you are running Bitcoin on a personal computer, you will have two options. First, you could use a standard graphical interface for Bitcoin running, and this “option” is preferred by the vast majority of users. The second option is to use the “headless” version, also called “bitcoind,” and this means that the commands will be executed in a slightly faster manner. However, both options use the same command line and the same configuration file, and the computer will read/write the same data. In other words, it’s your personal choice for which type of Bitcoin running are you going to use, and among other things – Bitcoin can be utilized when you want to pay for your favorite sneakers and do some actual running

Wall Street Makes Way for Financial Tech and Bitcoin

Conventional banking is currently confronting a universe of more “seamless and competitive” options. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s CEO, explained that Silicon Valley is coming to change conventional banking. It would function to modernize its services and, associate with these what the same Silicon Valley start-ups are striving to sabotage and how the banking market has long built up companies.

Dimon’s warning, it seems, failed to go unheeded. With extraordinary speed, Wall Street has adopted the new wave of Silicon Valley financial technologies in the last few months. The most recent case: a startup San Francisco company called Chain. It was rumored that it acquired $30 million in backing as Visa, Citi Ventures, Capital One Financial, and NASDAQ before this week.

Chain helps develop monetary systems on the basis of the blockchain, the internet public ledger that underpins the bitcoin electronic currency, a technologies that may bring more efficiency and safety not only to the way in which we change cash, but to the way in which we trade other monetary assets, including shares, bonds, and futures contract. The firm behind the NASDAQ stock market is previously partnering to develop an electronic market for shares in companies that are private. Chain CEO Adam Ludwin states that the firm’s technology to make their particular systems atop the blockchain thought is being used by other traders.

Ludwin explained that all of their traders are possibly present partners with business engagements, or they can be serious future commercial partners, where they would previously had talks about engaging business. It is telling, he says, that the six large financial organizations have acquired right into a high risk, early-stage startup. They do not only need return on investment on their transactions. These companies would like to thrive into the future.

Meanwhile, the Bay Area bitcoin infrastructure business Coinbase has been invested in by the New York Stock Exchange. Goldman Sachs has backed bitcoin customer solutions business Circle Web Financial. In myriad ways, Wall Street is pushing ahead on the realms of bitcoin.

Marketplaces Positioning for a Smoother Transition

The blockchain is basically a web-based ledger regulated by algorithms. In case of bitcoin, this ledger monitors the movements of money that is electronic, but additionally, it may manage, properly, something else that’s worth. The expectation is that in bringing matters onto this secured on-line database that is cryptographically like trading, the marketplaces can be streamlined by us in ways that are tremendous.

positioning marketplaces

In using the blockchain to the NASDAQ Private Marketplace, Chain and NASDAQ intentioned to offer an improved means for businesses to control their shares prior to going community. Generally, pre-IPO businesses do this in ad-hoc ways (think: PC spreadsheets). The blockchain can give a better method of auditing trades and trading inventory.

But as the chief engineering officer Brad Peterson of NASDAQ claims, that is only a first stage. The business suggests it’ll ultimately use the blockchain protocol to renovate its community stock industry at the same time. In exactly the same time, it is constructing a blockchain-established system that manages stock loans (still another tremendous marketplace).

The flipside is the bitcoin blockchain is not always as safe as some would lead you to believe. It is does not work at rates satisfied to the community equities marketplaces. However, these are the sorts of stuff Chain intends to repair. Basically, it provides engineering that allows businesses join their network to every other in ways that are better and quicker and run their particular blockchain networks.

Reinventing the Equities Market?

Ludwin is unconvinced that the blockchain will revolutionize the equities market. What they have assembled — and just work on with most of our associates — “are blockchains that can concern assets of a variety of types,” he states. Ludwin furthered that, “You must have the ability to trade maybe not only one protection for another, but also for monies. That which you’ll see are networks that will manage trades involving all monies in addition to some other sorts of economic instruments.”

But, the equities markets are especially ready for change in should be mentioned. Trades on the stock market that is public consider up to three days to pay, as well as this apparently unfavorable interim time can be possibly removed by the blockchain. Now, inventory settlement is managed by means of an organization known as the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), and it is telling that the DTCC lauding about the blockchain. Indeed, Wall Street is embracing Bitcoin without a tinge of hesitation.

Illegal Activities Painting Cryptocurrency with a Darker Shade

Similar to all things new, innovative, and possibly world-changing, there will be people out there who will take advantage of it.

Cryptocurrency has step out the shadows for some time now, but there are still a lot of people trying to wrap their heads around the idea of virtual money.

This confusion, combined with the advantages of cryptocurrency offers – flat fees, pseudo-anonymity, and transparency – has led illicit organizations to leverage the new form of technology.

Damaging Market

Perhaps the most damaging thing that cryptoccurency is associated with is an online black market called the Silk Road. This website has already been shut down by the FBI, but the intelligence and security service admits the task was a tall order when it first grazed their table.

Founded by Ross William Ulbricht, Silk Road is a website selling multiple illegal substances with vast listings of it. It’s estimated that there are over 13,000 illegal drugs being sold on the site including psychedelics, opioids, ecstasy, and many others.

There were two things that made it difficult for feds and the NSA to track down who’s operating the online black market.

First is a network called Tor, acronym for “The Onion Reuter.” Tor is a network that helps an individual be anonymous on the web to government organizations that are tracking illicit activities on the net.

The Tor Network hides your identity by transferring your traffic across multiple Tor servers, encrypting that traffic so it wouldn’t be linked to you. Those who are trying to trace you would see the traffic coming from random nodes on the Tor network instead from your computer.

Second is the use of cryptocurrency to pay for the products on Silk Road. While it’s to be noted that cryptocurrency doesn’t necessarily provide full anonymity as transactions can still be viewed at its transparent ledger, the combination of both digital currency and the Tor Network is what really complicated the whole thing.

Fortunately, after months of grueling tracking, the FBI was able to shut down the site two years ago, and was able to shut it down again when Silk Road 2.0 appeared on their radar the same year.

App-Mining Bitcoin

There’s also another illegal activity that’s been recently halted, though it is of smaller scale compare to our above example. Ryan Ramminger and Equiliv Investments settled a $50,000 fine with the U.S. Federal Trade and Commission and New Jersey Attorney General for tricking consumers into downloading malware and spyware into their smartphones which came in the form of an app named Prized.

The app was able to mine second-tier crytocurrencies such as Litecoin, QuarkCoin, and Dogecoin. The unsuspecting victim experienced severe downgrade of their device as the app leverage the smartphones computing capabilities.

Batteries drain faster, slow charging, and increasing the victims’ data consumption of their mobile monthly plan subscriptions were among the headache that they’ve experienced.

These illegal activities are painting cryptocurrency with a darker shade. Combine that with people’s suspicious nature and the complexities surrounding digital currency and many will assume that this technology is causing more harm than good.

Ripple and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has recently revealed that it is readying itself in performing trials on transferring payments between its subsidiaries using Ripple Labs.

Founded in San Francisco California in 2012, Ripple Lab is a company that focuses on payment protocols which people can use to move real or virtual money. They maintain their own cryptocurrency called XRP II, which can be loosely compared to Bitcoin.

Purging the Leeches

Much as cyrptocurrency is already threatening banks and financial intermediaries, if the CBA likes the path its going and decide to start using Ripple Labs or any other form of cryptocurrency for that matter, a lot of people think that this will purge the leeches in the financial services for good.

These leeches take advantage of the antiquated system that is still being used by a lot of people today. A fine example is occurring in the Philippines.

It’s estimated that Filipinos transfer about $25 billion dollars annually in remittances home each year as the country is among the leading force when it comes to labor supply. Of each of the amount that comprises the whole $25 billion sent from US to the Philippines about 8 percent are being cut for every transaction made. That’s a lot of money.

So it goes without saying that cryptocurrency threatens the existence of these businesses as this new form of technology requires little payment in order for the whole transaction to be completed. The payment required also comes in a flat fee, an appealing idea for a lot people.

Ripple Labs

With this on the table, let’s go back to CBA and Ripple Labs. Why this company? That’s exactly what a lot people are asking.

Chief executive of cryptocurrency research and development company Interconnected Research, Craig Wright, said that there is a huge difference between Bitcoin’s blockchain and the Ripple protocol.

Ripple Labs uses a set of independent operators, called gateways, which handles the whole business of taking and transferring the fiat cash. This means that the company’s system is centralized, and if one gateway is compromised, a trader, or someone takes over the network, an attacker can perform all the old-fashioned attacks which Bitcoin’s system is designed to stop in the first place.

Wright went on to say that unlike Bitcoin Ripple is protected by math, and not by cryptographic process.

While the CBA may be enticed to the fact the Ripple’s ledger can be altered, there is a risk that they’re taking, one of which is that payment revocation can potentially occur if a single gateway in incorrectly configured.

It can also be noted that Ripple has recently been fined $700,000 dollars by federal regulators for failing to register as a money service business. Furthermore, the company will have to comply with the rules and regulations set by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, as well as undergo a review of its transactions for the last three years of suspicious activity.

“So, Ripple is using a lack of awareness of what they really are to fool others into the belief that they are a distributed network and Blockchain-based system,” finished Wright.

How Non-Profits Reap the Benefits of Bitcoin

Virtual currencies have been very well-known in the last couple of years. Virtual currencies function much like traditional currencies. The difference lies in the fact that transactions with virtual currencies occur on a “virtual world” or online. Aside from that, transactions with virtual currencies are not regulated by any government.

Bitcoin, by far, has been getting the most attention when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It can be noted that one reason why people are so into Bitcoin is that like tangible cash, the currency can be seen in a public ledger, but the identity of those concerned is unknown. In addition, its increasing demand can be owed to its incredible growth in value, going from less than $1 in early 2011 to nearly $1,000 at the end of 2013, antecedently dropping into mid-hundreds throughout 2014. Without a doubt, Bitcoin serves as the world’s leading virtual currency as of the moment, with a market capitalization approaching $5 billion.

Along with the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the number of charitable and non-profit organizations that accept Bitcoin has been increasing. Just recently, Nepal earthquake victims became the subject of Bitcoin donations through GoFundMe this being said, what really are the benefits of using Bitcoin for some non-profit organizations?

1. Cut down on processing fees – Bitcoin secures money through technology. Thereby, it doesn’t require a central party to facilitate transactions; causing decreased to no processing fee for non-profit organizations.

2. More possibilities to new audiences – The Bitcoin community is composed of charitable people as well. Bitcoin has lured huge investments since its inception in 2008. Several of these investors gained their fortune off Bitcoin and they are more than willing to share it to good causes/ organizations.

3. Open to global market- Bitcoin is global, instant, and free. You will not need to put up with using a check or a credit card. No more hassle in waiting for the money to get into your bank account! Bitcoin does all the work for the people; and again, it’s open to the GLOBAL market. Bitcoin can reach you anytime, anywhere.

4. Easier setup – Bitcoin accepts donations in a quick and easy setup. Bitcoin is protected across their global payment system implementing sizeable cryptographic numbers that are amazingly safeguarded by their high-tech set up.

5. It says NO to fraud – Non-profit organizations are attracted to Bitcoin simply because there is no possibility for fraud. The technology behind the Bitcoin is the most advanced of its kind, making the system inapplicable to hacking threats. In addition, chargebacks don’t exist with Bitcoin. If a donor would like their money back, then they can contact the charity anytime and ask for a refund. Simple as that.

When used properly, Bitcoin is indeed a safe currency to trade in. Knowing it as a cryptocurrency assures the people even more that there is no way for the money to be duplicated. Thus, increasing number of charities and non-profit organizations are making steps to accommodate their Bitcoin supporters.

Fitcoin: Work Out and Get Paid for It

If you have a computer and internet at your place it’s likely that you’ve had a day where you just wasted most of your time surfing the net. Only after the sun has settled down and your eyes growing heavier as the stars wheeled outside will you regret not doing something productive that day.

You could’ve exercise. Try and stay in shape, right? But you opted to look at cat pictures on the internet and watch Netflix and Youtube videos instead. And you hate yourself for it.


What if I told you that someone out there is going to pay you money if you start working out? All you need doing is straight up putting your running shoes on, hitting the gym, and start sweating those calories out.

Well, I’m not kidding. There is really someone out there who’s going to pay you to get and stay in shape.

Enter Fitcoin. Created by Chaotic Moon Studios, Fitcoin is a new cryptocurrency designed to award people Bitcoin whenever they’re working out. It works like so.

First, create an account where your Bitcoin can be stored, download the Fitcoin iOS app, place your basic information, and sync it to your fitness tracker. Next step is you head over the gym or start running. As you exercise the app will then start recording your length and level of activity. The applications algorithm then calculates the amount of energy you’re generating and convert it to Bitcoin accordingly.

Before the how, let’s get the what out of the way. The what is your fitness tracker. Currently, Fitcoin is only accessible to fitness trackers which measures heart rate and allows the public free access to their software. These conditions narrow your choices down to three devices: the Mio heart rate monitor, the upcoming Jawbone UP3, and Atlas, a new fitness tracker on the market that is based on Austin.

The payment

Now comes the how. How much? How much does Fitcoin pay you for working out? During the app’s demonstration, Grant Nicol, one of the cryptocurrency’s designers, went for a run on a treadmill wearing a Mio heart rate monitor.

After three minutes and forty seconds, the Fitcoin app on his phone calculated the overall activity and spat out a sum of five cents. These five cents is taken from Moon Studios’ own Bitcoin stash for test runs of the app.

But what exactly do the creators get with this? Well, Chad Derbyshire, Chaotic Moon Studios marketing director, is hoping that this will lead to a new kind of cryptocurrency which large fitness companies will then adapt.

One of the companies that they’re hoping would take interest is Adidas. Derbyshire went on to suggest that Adidas could offer customers special bargains on certain products that could be only be bought using cryptocurrency that they’ve earned during workouts.

Another idea is for Adidas to allow people to slash prices down with Fitcoin, sort of like a discount.

However, Fitcoin is still a work in progress. Developers are still fixing bugs and other issues of the app. But it is quite an interesting concept. With the growing health problems around the globe, this might potentially encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. And you’ll have a rocking body to boot. Sweet!

Regulations on Cryptocurrency to Stifle Criminal Activity

Cryptocurrency has really made an uproar in the marketing economy. Large companies, business owners, and down to the person buying a pack of cigarette in the store, it seems that that the trend of using this new currency is slowly making its way to our everyday lives.

Unforeseen Consequences

While Dash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies have been deemed safe by those who use it, there are still holes to be filled in order to protect these very users. And the UK has made a move to do just that.

The country has recently released a treasury report that plans on regulating cryptocurrency being use in nefarious activities such as money laundering, tax evasion, terrorist financing, illegal cross-border transactions, and other criminal acts. As such, the UK will be implementing an Anti-money Laundering (AML) regulation on all form of cryptocurrency.

This move is designed to protect users from illicit parties and support the growth and innovation of cryptocurrency, at the same time creating a stifling environment that will discourage criminal activities.

One of the major concerns that regulators face is the anonymity that digital currency allows. However, it’s been argued that it isn’t complete anonymity – more like pseudoanonymity – since a public ledger (called a blockchain) is freely available to anyone. This blockchain leaves a comprehensive paper trail which can help investigators track down illicit users.

The UK government is readying themselves for any unforeseen consequences that cryptocurrency will bring in the future. It will work closely with the British Standard Association to develop rules that is to be integrated into already existing regulations.

It’s also been reported that the UK is to allocate 10 million pounds for new initiative research regarding digital currency. This initiative will join Research Councils, Alan Turing Institute and Digital Catapult to conduct research on the advancement of digital currency, as well as address the challenges that it poses.

Successful Regulation

Experts and companies have agreed to two things: cryptocurrency is a promising technology that will help drive the economy forward. And it is high time that regulations are to be imposed upon it to further lessen the doubt of the public and those who are interested in joining this progress.

The regulations that will be propose is based on the comprehensive report of Her Majesty’s Treasury – Digital Currencies: Response to the Call of Information. While those that are included in the report are still subject for debate, it’s expected that little to nothing will be changed when it’s to be presented and consulted on the next parliament.

Regulations that were included in the report aren’t likely to affect businesses involved since they are already following guidelines that are akin to the ones that are to be implemented.

One thing that regulators should keep in mind is that cryptocurrency is still a young technology. As such, the guidelines that are to be imposed shouldn’t be preemptive in nature since a lot can change over the course of its advancement. Ensuring that this is so will increase the likelihood of cryptocurrency to grow into something that everyone can benefit from.

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