You might have heard of cryptocurrency. You also might have uttered the word “ridiculous”, “scam”, “unsafe”, and other dubious words. To be fair it’s quite a lot to take in the first time you stumble on it. After all, it’s only been seven years since this global phenomenon has emerged.

As all things new, the majority of people have met this technology with doubt and cynicism. And as all things new, over time the fog surrounding it has started to thin and experts started explaining what cyrptocurrency really is.

And what it is was not what most people thought. That’s right. It isn’t fake, a scam; is considered safe and since its inception the number of people that have been using it has grown considerably.

We’re not claiming that we’re experts when it comes to cryptocurrency, but we do know a lot about it. Enough so that most of us here are miners ourselves.

Oh, where are my manners. Hello, we’re Minenohora. As you might have guessed already we’re a site that’s centered on all matter regarding cryptocurrency.

We’re here to cater to novices and experts alike, and we encourage our readers to start conversing with us and to each other. This isn’t just some call to action to increase our site’s ranking. Well, it is but hear me out.

Cryptocurrency is a complicated subject. As such, dialogue between people who are using this technology is important in order to shed light on matters that one might’ve never considered or even heard of in the first place.

For instance, Person A might be using a system of farming that person B disagrees with. Person B tells Person A what his system of farming is and why his way is superior. Person A, now enlightened, then tries this system and agrees with Person B.

This simple exchange is why we encourage conversation here in our site. It yields answers, it’s educative, and is healthy for the cryptocurrency’s community as a whole. Let’s just be nice during these exchanges, yes? Let’s use facts during our conversation rather than settling for name-callings and such.

So what exactly do we offer here that’s worth your time?


And when it comes to cryptocurrency, information –especially recent information – is imperative to keep up with the ever-changing nature of this technology. We’ll try to make everything we post here as up-to-date as possible.

Which country is adopting cryptocurrency? Which one is leading? Are there new regulations that are being imposed? Are there new emerging threats? If so, what is it? How can you protect yourselves?

All of these are going to be covered here – and then some. We must ensure that the decentralized nature of this technology stays that way. And the possibility of that will increase if the community is working together. Contact us and we will be glad to hear from you.